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Looking for a statement piece ? Love this one . Necklace with vintage 80's gold button. Staple chain .

Please note, for this particular chain if you are shorter than 5 feet , 16 inch is recommended. If you are 5 feet and over 18 inch is recommended.  

✦20mm Gold Button 

✦ Chain is 14 kt gold-filled

✦Available 16',18' or 20-inches (model is wearing 18")

✦Toggle closing

Please note these were once real buttons , so we put a delicate leather backing 



Please treat your product with love and care! The crystals used in many of the designs are raw from nature and therefore can be a bit fragile. Damages caused by improper care are not our responsibility. 

Plated jewelry should only be worn on occasion. We never recommend wearing jewelry in the shower, working out, washing your hands, sleeping or depending on the metal, on a daily basis. 

Precious metals & porous gems  shalt not vibe with chlorine & other chemical solvents found in cleaners, perfumes, & Lotions.

Vintage items are well vintage. Which means some of them might be in pristine conditions and some might slight scuff marks. Please read listing carefully . Vintage and hand-made gems are fragile. please wear with care.

If you are looking to wear your jewelry everyday we recommend solid sterling silver or gold filled and vermeil gold. We are not liable for plated jewelry tarnishing after extended wear.